At Red Arrow everything we do is born out of the belief that everyone, whether it be an individual, non-profit, small business or large corporation, has a unique story and it's our job to tell that story in the most imaginative way possible. When done right, by allowing just that right amount of serendipity, these stories inspire, engage and resonate with people on a visceral level.


We are examining the limitlessness of creativity and discussing everything from planning, filming, editing, and production.


We succeed upon working with clients who are determined to go beyond limitation and conventional goals.

The Red Arrow Team

  • Jesse Zakshesky

    Online Marketing Coordinator
    A social media strategist, Jesse provides Red Arrow & our clients with a greater level of online exposure.
  • Paul Lehrer

    Director of Business Development
    The creative driving force of Red Arrow, Paul spends his time conceiving the next big thing.
  • Stephanie Miller

    Media Specialist
    As a Media Specialist, Stephanie uniquely facilitates the video production process for every Red Arrow client.
  • Eric Redding

    Director of Operations
    Red Arrow's founder, Eric guides the team to get the most out of every project and to push the boundaries when possible.
  • Jacob Farwell

    Graphic Designer
    Another creative mind behind Red Arrow, Jacob is a passionate designer driven by finding carefully considered solutions.



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